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Jerry Rigged

Capturing the Spirit of the Grateful Dead

Jerry Rigged is a vibrant and talented Grateful Dead cover band that has been enchanting audiences with their electrifying performances since their formation in 2022. With an unwavering passion for the music of the iconic American rock band, Jerry Rigged has dedicated themselves to faithfully recreating the timeless sound, soul, and spirit of the Grateful Dead.

Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, the Knoxville, TN based band members possess an innate love for improvisation and an insatiable appetite for exploring the vast depths of the Grateful Dead's extensive catalog. Performing as a 7-piece band, they effortlessly weave together intricate melodies, harmonies, and jam sessions, inviting listeners on a transcendental musical journey.

Jerry Rigged Band Group Photo
Daniel Lancaster - Saxophone

Jason Ellis - Bass Guitar

Eric Cutshall - Guitar/Keys/Vocals

Andrew Broschart - Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals

Luke Ellis - Bass/Conga/Vocals

Shane Smith - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Andy Huff - Drums/Vocals

Known for their authentic renditions of beloved Grateful Dead classics, Jerry Rigged brings a unique energy and freshness to each performance, creating an atmosphere that resonates with both die-hard Deadheads and newcomers alike. Their meticulous attention to detail, combined with a genuine reverence for the original band's improvisational spirit, allows them to infuse each song with their own distinct magic.

In addition to their faithful interpretations of the Grateful Dead's legendary repertoire, they also embrace the art of live improvisation, channeling the free-spirited nature of the Dead's iconic live performances. With each show, they invite the audience to become active participants, encouraging communal dancing, spontaneous sing-alongs, and a collective celebration of the music that has touched generations.

Jerry Rigged has graced the stages of numerous renowned venues and festivals, captivating audiences with their infectious enthusiasm and authentic sound. Their dedication to preserving the Grateful Dead's musical legacy has earned them a loyal following, who eagerly anticipate each opportunity to experience the band's soul-stirring performances.

Whether you are a seasoned Deadhead or a curious soul seeking the magic of the Grateful Dead for the first time, Jerry Rigged will transport you to a place where the music is alive, the vibes are groovy, and the spirit of the Grateful Dead lives on. So come join the celebration and let the cosmic jams ignite your soul with their electrifying renditions of timeless classics.

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